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The Kustom Kombi Bed Seat come in a 2 seater or a 3 seater Rock & Roll Bed for most models. This is the ONLY ADR compliant Rock & Roll you will need for your Kombi.

After years of fitting Rock and Roll Beds using after-market, non-compliant and sometimes old style original fitment brackets, I decided to set upon and design a full ADR Compliant Rock & Roll Bed Seat to transform your seat into your bed.

As you are aware, finding original brackets is difficult to source, especially good ones and after 30 Plus years and they are getting dangerous and fatigued.

Most after-market brackets DO NOT comply with ADR (Australian Design Rules) and due to a vigorous engineering and testing of the Kustom Kombi Bed Seats, I now believe these to be the Safest, Easiest to fit and the Strongest Rock & Roll Brackets currently available on the market.

The Kustom Kombi Bed Seat has been designed to suit Split Screen (3 Seater), Bay Window Kombis (2& 3 Seater), T3/25 Transporter (2& 3 Seater) and there is an option for T4 and T5 Transporters. All of the Kustom Kombi Bed Seats have been tested to meet all requirements as set under ADR which also meets ISO (International Standards).

The Kustom Kombi Bed Seat is of Superior Construction and Design. The design of these brackets is built on basic engineering principles with minimal moving parts, in fact only 4 in total per side.

The 1” (25mm) box steel frame and the 3mm Mild Steel Gussets on some models, attached to solid metal plate hinge brackets, ensures that this design is not only reliable but of a heavy-duty construction. There are no springs or cams nor any flimsy catches that may fail or collapse.

You have the option of a full width 3 Seat, 2/3rd 2 Seat or even Single Seat if the need arrives. Fitting Kits have been designed to suit these different options, such as the 2-seat version (Bay Window), which can also allow you to build narrow cabinets to either side of your Kombi or fit into Original Fitment Campers. Another feature is that by having the steel frame supporting the base, it can be left exposed with open storage underneath. You have the option to fit a kick to the front of it thus allowing the seat base to lift up with ease and without the seat back moving or binding. There are also no timber gussets that obstruct your storage requirements therefore creating Maximum Access to this area.

The Kustom Kombi Bed Seat has been designed for Maximum Comfort, with the Seat Base and Seat Back Reclining along with the use of 4-inch Foam gives you the Softness and Comfort you deserve. We only use quality products and materials when manufacturing. The brackets and mounts where applicable have been laser cut for Perfect Fitment, also the other remaining hardware (nuts and bolts) are of high tensile steel with nylon washers fitted to all moving parts for greater ease. These are manufactured locally and are Australian Made, they are not imports from China, so the quality of steel used is Far Superior!!

The Kustom Kombi Bed Seat brackets are designed to be Drill then Simply bolted in. 4-6 holes need to be drilled to accommodate the 4 -6 bolts with the brackets and mounting plates supplied. Once the Brackets have been loosely bolted in, the spreader bar placed into position then all the mounting bolts may be tightened. Once the bed seat brackets are installed, the timber seat base and seat back are cut and are ready to be to be trimmed to your liking. It is as simple as that! They have been designed to be a simple fitment without too much effort in achieving a correct fitting.

With the installation of the Kustom Kombi Bed Seat to a Bay Window Kombi Or T3/25 Kombi,. all the factory seat belt mounting points are retained however if you don’t have factory seat belt mounting plates, appropriate ADR approved mounts may be fitted in accordance with ADR requirements. If you are Installing the Brackets to a Split Screen, T4 or T5 Kombi, the fitting kit is similar to a Bay Kombi Kit although ADR approved seat belt mounts must be installed in accordance with ADR requirements.

ANY Kombis that have had previous damage or evidence of variations could affect the correct fitment necessary. As all efforts have been made to make these Brackets fit to most models we cannot however provide a 100% guarantee of perfect fitment due to these reasons. Our commitment to providing a quality product is important to us so if you are unsure and would like to know more please contact us via email @ [email protected] please provide as much detail about your vehicle and pictures if possible.

At Kustomkombi.com we can supply your Kustom Kombi Bed Seat in a DIY Kit and even a Complete Kit with the Rear Mattress etc. and also other Great Parts for Restoring you VW Project.

To register your interest in this option please email [email protected].

Jamie Hage